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Steal Her Style: Zendaya

We all know about Zendaya Coleman, the Disney Star who has managed to come a long way since her first appearance on television. Now, her style is something that girls are crazy about. If there is one celebrity that you should take style inspiration from, it’s Zendaya.

Zendaya’s style is feminine, but with a little bit of edge. She is not afraid to wear bold clothing pieces and become the spotlight of the party. Are you into stealing her style? If so, then there are some things that you should know and some clothing items which you should own in order to have great nightlife outfits. So, let’s get into it!

Loads of High Heels! If you really want to steal Zendaya’s style, then you need to have lots of high heels in your shoe wardrobe. 90% of the time, she is seen wearing high heels. Every red carpet she attended, she wore a luxurious pair, and every time they complement her personality very well. Whether its pumps, platform sandals, boots or peep-toe’s; she loves rocking them all.

Go for bold choices: In every outfit worn by Zendaya, she manages to incorporate a bold item. Sometimes she will go for colored heels with a simple outfit, or other times she would wear a unique printed outfit and keep her shoes and accessories very simple. The dresses she wears to red carpets are an excellent nightclub clothes.

Crop tops: Zendaya loves wearing crop tops. Many times at the red carpet, she is seen wearing sexy and feminine crop tops with a nice skirt and killer heels. You should stack your closet with crop tops if you want to have outfits as amazing as hers.

Feminine and Sexy dresses: This girl certainly knows where to shop the best and most feminine dresses from. Zendaya’s style is mostly about feminine dresses that flatter her body and go well with her skin tone. Often, her outfits feature only two items; a sexy dress and a pair of heels.

Nude Lips: Zendaya is all about keeping it neutral with her makeup. She always wears a nude colored lip shade on her lips. Every shade she wears matches her skin tone perfectly.

Contour and Highlight: She has flawless cheekbones, and she makes sure that they are completely visible every time she steps out. In order to achieve a look like her, you need to really focus on contouring and highlighting your cheekbones.

All these are the highlights of Zendaya’s style. Make sure to follow them in order to have a style just as awesome as hers!

Fashion Runway Trends 2016

With every year, new trends are introduced and it’s a chance for everyone to try out new and amazing fashion. Fashion and style is something that constantly changes and evolves, and sometimes it can be a little hard to keep up with all the rapid changes. This year, we have seen amazing trends so far, and with every fashion show, we get a chance to see new women’s trendy clothing. Now, let’s have a view of some inspiring upcoming trends of 2016.

Lingerie as outerwear: This wear, designers decided to not keep our undergarments so undercover anymore. This spring and summer, you can actually wear your sexy lingerie outside of your bedroom. The lingerie inspired women clothing pieces at stores might be the sexiest pieces you try out this year.

Cold Shoulders: Off the shoulder necklines have been popular for quite a long time, but now it seems that designers took a step further and going for big shoulder cutouts which are meant to highlight the shoulders.


Ruffles: This trend may be girly, but it has been seen on almost all of the runway shows. These ruffles have the power to give clothing pieces a flirtatious vibe. Some designers even went for a sculptural look, giving some dimension to tops and dresses.


Distressed white button-downs: You are probably wondering; ‘did I hear that correctly?’ Yes you did! White button-downs were originally stolen from the boys, and since then we have made good use of them. This year, designers went a little overboard and featured shirts that are ruffled, slashed and distressed.


Go for Stripes: This is a classic pattern, and you may probably have a few striped clothing pieces in your closet already. It’s time to bring them out and have a little fun with it.


Pleats, Pleats and Pleats: Pleats are just for girly girls anymore. It’s a big trend in 2016, so you got to give it a try. Sculptured and tailored pieces now come with pleat detailing, which gives a unique and fresh look to the clothing item. A great thing about this trend is that you can achieve either a sexy look or a flirty one.


Let it Shine: Now you can wear all those shiny and glittery clothing pieces without waiting for the holiday season to come around. Spring 2016 is all about focusing on bring some shine to not just cocktail party dresses, but even everyday clothes.


Now that you know the most popular upcoming women’s fashion clothes trends for 2016, make sure to hit the shopping mall as soon as you can!


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