How to Style Colored Jeans

You have seen colored jeans in the store and they are obviously hot this year. You might already own many pairs of colored jeans or thinking about buying them. But you are faced with this question; how to style them? There are many ways to style colored jeans, but there is always that possibility of matching the wrong top with the wrong pair of colored jeans. You don’t want to end up with an unbalanced outfit. Here are a few tips for styling colored jeans:

Playing it Safe with Neutrals

Neutrals and colored jeans are a great combo. Go for a neutral top that matches well with the color of your jeans. For example, deep tones jeans or pastel colored jeans look great with button-down shirts or conservative blouses. A lime green colored jeans can be paired with a black tank top having silver sequins. Peplum tops and funky necklaces also work well with this look. Blue toned colors look great with cool-toned neutrals like gray, white and silver. Classic denim looks amazing with nearly all colored jeans. A structured blazer or a cardigan sweater in a neutral color also works well with pastel jeans. A cream blouse with deep olive colored jeans would work well with a chocolate brown colored blazer.

Going all out with Color Blocking

The colored blocking technique is all about wearing solid blocks of contrasting colors. It gives you and edgy and vibrant look. Throw on a contrasting top with your colored jeans, preferably something with straight lines. For example, if you have orange jeans, you can pair them with a strong midnight blue top. Other color combinations include tomato red and fuchsia, mint green and melon, bright yellow and aqua, coral and turquoise, and lilac and pastel orange. You can keep this boldness going by wearing a pair of bright shoes. A smart idea is to wear shoes in the same color as your jeans.

Going Wild with Patterns

Matching colored jeans with patterned blouses can be quite tricky. It is a bold choice, but certainly looks amazing if you are able to pull it off. To make sure that your outfit doesn’t go too unbalanced, go for light pastel jeans and wear something brighter and bolder. For example, A zebra print blouse goes well with buttercup yellow jeans and a leopard print tank top matches well with melon jeans. Similarly, a chocolate brown blouse having small buttercup yellow polka dots would look splendid with buttercup yellow jeans. Melon jeans would also look super cute with a feminine, flowing blouse having small floral patterns.


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