What to Wear in Vegas

Las Vegas is known to be a city of colors throughout the day. If you visit a beach in Las Vegas you can see oranges and bright greens and yellows everywhere. It’s a desert so it is very hot during the day. Its just the evening, which is cool and the night is even cooler.

There is no strict dress codes, but here are some fashion tips for Vegas:

To The Casino

During the day, both men and women are out in shorts, jeans, loose tops and blouses; but the torn, beat up look is not in the fashion sense of Las Vegas.

Though many casinos in Vegas do not have a dress code, but the service providers who are present there prefer people who are much formally dressed. Shorts and skirts in a casino are not recommended. Rather, you should opt for a buttoned up shirt with jeans, jackets and dresses.

Don’t wear flip flops on your feet; rather go for high heeled sandals or sandals with medium heels and straps.

To The Nightclub

The nightclubs and lounges have a dress code which you need to abide by. The club clothes for women must be trendy and stylish so they can have a better chance to magnetize others with their dazzling and stunning looks.

In nightclubs, people tend to wear fashionable clothes and they pay special attention to their dressing sense. Shorts, torn clothes, flip flops and sneakers are not allowed. Even people with t shirts are sometimes rejected by the entrance staff of the night club. If you want to wear a t shirt without a collar, go for a jacket over that shirt. This will make you more presentable. Just make sure your clubwear are not just neat and clean, but properly ironed as well.

To A Fine Restaurant

Good restaurants have a dress code in Vegas. Few of them might require a jacket. Other restaurants just expect you to be wearing a “business casual dress”.  This is a term in Vegas for a pressed jeans or slack with a buttoned down shirt and close toed shoes.

Exploring Vegas

You can wear the dress of your own choice when you are going out for a walk through Vegas. You can opt for dress according to the weather. If it is hot, which normally is, you can wear shorts or a skirt. If it is cold, you can wear long pants, long skirt or jeans.


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