How to Wear Neon Colors in the Most Stylish Ways

Neon colors are totally in these days, especially since summer time is almost here. Neon colors make you look bright, fun and vibrant. But of course, you need to keep in mind a few things when you decide to wear neon colors. Here are some pointers on how to wear neon in the most stylish ways:

  • Start small:
    Neon colors can appear to look quite daunting, especially if you are not used to wearing them that often. So, the key to that is to take things slow. Start with small neon necklaces, earrings or handbags. Then, once you have the confident to wear bright colors, you can go for something bigger like colored jeans, junior fashion tops or a blazer.
  • Combine neon colored items with neutral colors:
    This trick will help you in achieving a more toned down look. Neon colors are really bright and flashy; therefore they should be worn with neutral colors such as black, brown or white. What this will do is prevent your outfit from looking too over the top, and at the same time it will spice up your look. For instance, you can wear neon colored top with a white pair of jeans.
  • Make sure it looks good:
    When you wear neon colors, they sometime tend to enlarge your body; and because of that you need to be extra careful in choosing the right item for you. For example, if you have a lean body with no curves, then wear a total-neon outfit. Also, when your upper body is heavy, go for neon colored skirts or jeans and vice versa when you have a heavy bottom.
  • Don’t push it, be comfortable:
    Trying new styles is a good thing, but it’s better to leave it when it doesn’t work for you. If something doesn’t look good on you, and you still continue to make it work, you will only end up looking awkward. Therefore, always make sure that the neon colored item matches your skin tone and looks good on your body.
  • Mix together different neon colors:
    This is a really bold move, therefore keep in mind that it will not look good on everyone. But, mixing together two neon colored items in one junior outfit does work for some people. It’s the perfect way to stand out in the crowd; in a good way, of course. But beware; you need to be extra careful when trying this move.
Neon colored junior fashion clothes can be found in almost every clothing store. Keep these simple styling tips in mind when you decide to wear neon and you are good to go.


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