Back to School Fashion Checklist

Who doesn’t want to ace the first day at school with A+ casual junior dresses? Whether you are a junior or a senior at school, a complete back to school fashion checklist is really important. There are a bunch of fundamentals that are essentials for ultimate back to school fashion checklist.  There are tops, tees, hoodies, sweaters, jackets and what not. Here is a complete checklist for casual junior dresses and casual tops for juniors that are very hip fashion trends these days.

V-neck tee

V-neck tees are must-must casual tops for juniors. You can wear them fitted or loose; they all are must haves for the season. The style is very basic but it never goes out of fashion. You can either wear them in plain or add some screen printing. Graphics change the entire look of a tee. It makes a casual yet simple style statement.     


Jackets are the subject of every school activity. A blazer or a suit jacket works well for presentations. They are one of the best casual clothes for juniors.  Track jackets and varsity jackets are often very popular among the juniors as the ultimate back to fashion must have. There is a long list for looking great in a jacket. Bombers, jean jacket, moto, faux leather and military jackets look hip and never go out of fashion.


Casual junior dresses also include flary dresses. If you want to have some fun with dresses, a lighthearted look in a cute and fitted silhouette makes a trendy casual look. Dresses add volume to your back to school fashion checklist. Play around with polka dots, solid tints, and other prints as well. There are so many possibilities available in casual clothes for juniors. Get some girly dresses with nice. Add some versatility in fabrications and accents like polos, plaids and pleats.


Shoes complete the entire list of back to school fashion checklist. They are the necessity to complete every look. Whether you are an athlete in school or going to attend the gym class, shoes are the basic essentials. The shoes add a great kick to the whole wardrobe and get you through sporty extracurricular activities. Go with laces or without them. It works both ways. Wear material that helps you get noticed.


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