What Every Teen Should Have in Their Closet

Teenage years are the best years of a girl’s life, might as well live them to the fullest. Being a teenage girl, it's obvious that your style senses will keep on altering with the season. However, there are certain teen fashion clothing items that every teenage girl like you should own. They must remain in your closet forever as they never go out of fashion. You can build a perfect closet with pieces that fits your style, but first you must have the following seven teen dresses in your closet.


A flannel shirt is a timeless piece of clothing that a teenage girl must have! It can give a casual and laid-back look but with an edgy look. The look is quite versatile. You can wear it open, button it up or just tie it around the waist. A flannel shirt really works when you are running out of time. Pull it off with a cool pair of sunglasses if you want to look even more presentable.

 A fitted pair of jeans 

Nothing is better than sliding a perfectly fitted pair of jeans. It is trendy clothes for teen that looks cool and hip. These jeans are extremely comfy and show off your legs. It has a lot of possibilities with various washes, shades, cuts and styles. You have to find the one that compliments your legs and sense of style.

 White dresses

A white dress is among the staple teen dresses in every teenage girl’s closet because they are very simple and look cute. Every girl has the right to flaunt a white dress. It gives an innocent yet flirtatious look. Summer is the perfect time to wear light colors like white. Thus, if you don’t have a white dress, get one! A white dress with white lace makes you look like a Fashionista all summer long.

Sweat pants

Sweat pants are the ultimate teen fashion clothing. You cannot be a successful fashion story every single day of your school. There are days when you feel bummed. So, when those days roll around, put on a comfortable pair of sweat pants. They will make you feel extra comfortable and fashionable.

A cute blouse

For days when you want to dress up, a cute blouse really works. It enhances the overall look even if you do not wear any makeup. Blouses works on almost all body shapes and can look very flattering. They are trendy clothes for teen that are basic but look quite versatile.

A basic tee

A basic tee is the most obvious teen fashion clothing. Basic Tees are available in all the colors and you can wear them with everything. Whether you want to pair them with a pair of shorts, jeans, skirts or wear it under a cardigan or a jacket, it can do wonders to the whole outfit.

A hoodie

A must have teen dress is a comfortable hoodie for days when you do not want to put any effort in your outfit.  Trendy clothes for teen like hoodies and zip-ups are the perfect way to make you look chic without much effort.


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