How to Wear Pastel Clothes this Spring & Summer

Soft, romantic and cupcake inspired pastel colors are like an obsession for every girl who is looking to spice up her outfit. Pale pink, banana, milk caramel, powdery mint, lavender, velvety peach, guava and baby blue are all colors that are known to be the best pastel colors to incorporate in your outfit. But, many of us find it hard to incorporate pastels in our outfits since that can be a bit tricky. Therefore to help you out, here are some ideas on how you can wear pastels this spring and summer.

The most important thing to remember when wearing pastel shades is not to go too overboard. When you are wearing pastel clothes, always go for pieces having sharp and clean lines because they put emphasis on the design of your garment rather than showcasing the pastel shades. It is quite obvious that all pastel colors look great with one another and you can even combine more than two pastel shades in one outfit.

Pastels also go well with neutrals so don’t be afraid to mix them together. Beige and coffee shades help you out in keeping the girly touch to the pastels. Pastels look amazing with cream and gray tones as well.

Another smart idea is to incorporate pastel colored clothes with black and white. If you have trouble picking out what to wear with a pastel colored top or bottom, white or black pieces would always save you. It’s impossible to go wrong when mixing pastel with black or white trendy clothes. You can combine a white top with pastel colored jeans and complete the look with dark colored platform sandals. Also keep in mind that no matter what pastel shade you match black trendy tops with, black would always come out dominating and thus give you a polished and modern look.  As for white, it enhanced the femininity and softness of pastel colors and also helps in achieving a balanced and sophisticated look.

This might seem a bit surprising to many people, but pastel shades give out a romantic and intriguing effect when combined with patterned and printed pieces. For example, wear a pastel lilac blouse and combine it with a white skirt lilac and peach abstract prints. This way you would make a connection between the two pieces. However, it’s better not to mix floral prints and pastel pieces together because they don’t go well together. You can create numerous trendy outfits with pastel shades if you keep these simple tips in mind.


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