What to Wear to a Job Interview

Whether we accept it or not, fashion is something that matters a lot when it comes to getting your dream job. When thinking about what to wear to a job interview, you want two things at the same time; to fit in and to stand out as well. Achieving this can certainly be a challenge, and the right kind of outfit actually depends on the company and industry you are heading to. What we wear to our job interview is crucial, although we would all like to believe the fact that our resume speaks louder than our outfit.

Here are some pointers about what you should keep in mind while deciding an outfit to wear for a job interview.

An interview for a creative job: Since this is a creative job, you might want to show some creativity in your outfit. Something to keep in mind here is that your clothes should be able to show your personality. It would not be ok to show up in a pantsuit, but at the same time don’t wear something wild. An important thing to remember is to wear closed toed shoes, accessories should be kept minimum and pants should be dark denim or black.

An interview for a client-based corporate job: Here, you should be well groomed with simple and clean hair, and not too much makeup. Go for nice blazers for women which can be used for dressing up a simple blouse. The heel of the shoe should not be more than 3 inches. Keep the colors of the outfit a bit conservative.

An interview for a fashion job: A common mistake that people often make here is they think they should make a broad statement with their outfit and wear something super edgy or trendy. The whole outfit depends on what kind of fashion job it is, but it’s better to keep in mind that accessories should be made the focal point rather than the clothes. Have a sharp bag, stylish shoes and modern jewelry to make an impression and show off your good taste.

An interview for a finance job: Wear a two piece shirt suit or pant suit, but in a dark color. You can lighten up your look by going for conservative accessories and a softer colored blouse. Never wear sleeveless tops, open toe-shoes, patterned or colorful thighs or super-high heels.

An interview for a startup/tech job: The biggest fear one might have here is to show up at an interview overdressed. Don’t show up at an interview wearing a suit, because then it will look like you know nothing about the industry. Go for tucked in blouses for women with dark denim or a stylish skirt and accessorize from there.


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