How to Look Tall

We all know that there are some things in life which we can’t change, no matter how bad we want them. One very obvious thing is height, which we sometimes feel acting as a blockage for styling. Petite girls are often found complaining that they can’t out a certain style because it only looks good on someone tall.

Until the time science can come up with some way for petite girls to add a few extra inches, the best thing that can be done is make use of some fashion tips and tricks that can make you look tall. Yes, you heard that right. There are some fashion tips and tricks out there that can actually make your gain those extra few inches using nothing but what you already own. Let’s have a look at some styling tricks that will make you look tall:

  1. Say yes to high-waist bottoms:
    High-waist bottoms are defiantly something that is trending these days, so why not use it to your advantage? When worn properly, they can trick the eye into thinking that you are much taller. This is done simply by extending your lower body. Whether you choose shorts, skinny jeans or skirts, just make sure that your waist is prominent by either tucking in the blouse or wearing a crop top.
  2. Rock out vertical stripes:
    This is simply the oldest trick in the book. When wearing vertical stripes, they create long line and make you look longer. Plus, they are defiantly what’s trending these days. They are defiantly among trendy clothes for women.
  3. Chop your hair:
    Petite girls are dragged down by long hair, while shorter hair has the power to do just the opposite. A wavy bob shows off your shoulder and your neckline, due to which you look taller.
  4. Stick with skinny belts:
    Short girls should opt for skinny versions of belts because they define your natural waist in the most appealing way possible. While a thick belt will cut your body in half, which will make you look shorter.
  5. When you’re going short, go short:
    It’s a fact that when you’re petite-when it comes to dresses and skirts- you should either go for super-short or super long. In simple words, avoid knee-lengths and calf-lengths. Miniskirts show more skin; there they create an illusion of longer legs.
  6. Make that top knot:
    Pilling all your hair on top of your head will give a taller impression, once again creating a vertical line.
  7. Ditch gigantic shoulder bags:
    It is important that you keep the accessories scaled to your body size, because that certainly is a smart move for petite girls. This means smaller clutches, cross-body bags and small top-handle totes are your go to. You can find these bags at clothing stores online.


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