Styling Mistakes to Avoid on the First Date

A first date is among those things in life which actually makes you have those ‘jitters’. At this time, there are so many thoughts running through a girl’s mind that everything gets mixed up. Will he like me? What should I talk about? Should I be early or late? And then comes the hardest and most important part; what to wear and how to dress up. Now this is something which you need to think about with a calm and cool mind, because it’s all about first impressions. You don’t want to be under-dressed or over-dressed. Here are some styling tips that should be avoided at a first date. If you keep these in mind, you will have no trouble looking perfect.

  1. Wearing the wrong clothes
    Sometimes we can end up wearing the wrong kind of clothes for a date. For example, wearing shorts when headed to a fine dining restaurant or a dress or a hot skirt for a date to the bowling alley; these are all silly mistakes. You will feel uncomfortable while wearing such an outfit and your date will feel uneasy as well. Therefore make sure you dress according to the occasion and location.
  2. Too much make up
    When we talk about makeup, less is better when you are headed to your first date with him. You need to strike the perfect balance, because wearing too much makeup on a first date is a big turn off. Let him see your true beauty.
  3. Wearing old clothes
    When it comes to a first date, wearing that old pair of jeans that you love wearing is a bad idea. Even when the date is super casual, you need to wear something fresh so that you look attractive and presentable. Instead of going for the first thing in your closet, give some thought into your outfit. Wear hot dresses for women, but nothing too much out of the box.
  4. Overdressing
    First dates are quite uncomfortable, so you don’t want to build up more pressure for overdressing. Sometimes hot outfits for women can be a bit too much. This will be embarrassing for your date, so keep the balance right. Don’t dress up too much just because you want to impress your date; that is a bad move.
  5. Revealing too much skin
    Dressing too sexy or showing too much skin on your first date is not a good idea. It’s better to leave things to your date’s imagination and just put your focus on highlighting just one part of your body like legs, back or shoulders.

Always be yourself and relax. Dates are suppose to be fun. Remember to smile! XOXO


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