How to Wear Skater Skirts

We all know about some fashion staples that every girl must own if she wants to survive in this fashion world. They are the latest junior fashion trends. Leather jacket, while tees and cutoffs are the right kinds of staple and an addition that came last year are flared mini-high waisted skirts. These are formally known as Skater skirts. These skirts can be worn in every season. Either dress them up or down; that’s completely your choice. You can choose to top it off with a warm jumper or a chic coat, or play with funky tops and keep your legs bare. Hot heels, boots, gladiator sandals all play very well with skater skirts.

These skater skirts are the most flattering piece of clothing you can have in your closet. They are perfect for every body and it adds curves to your body. The skater skirt gives out a kind of feminine look and makes the girl look flattering and attractive.

There are numerous ways to rock skater skirts, the possibilities are just endless. Let’s talk about leather skater skirts; they certainly add a bit of edge to your outfit without making you look too punk. This means that you can still look girly while wearing a leather skater skirt. The beauty of this trend is that it looks cool with anything. Leather skirts can be glammed up with stilettos, classic pumps, and high heeled shoes. Adding a leather jacket will make you look edgy, a blazer will keep the look sophisticated and chic, and adding a jumper will make it look a little bit bohemian.

If leather is too much to wear to school or work, or it’s just not your thing, you can go for other fabrics. Skater skirts are available in almost every color and prints. You can keep it classy with simple colors and cuts: white, red, blue, black or nude. Or you can choose to have more fun with it by wearing funky and floral prints, stripes, dots, neon shades, lace etc. The key to rocking a skater skirt is to make sure the waist is high enough so that it can make your legs look longer. You can also wear a crop top or tuck in your shirt, and wear wedges or heels to make your legs appear even longer.

There is no doubt about the fact that a skater skirt is that item in your closet which you can always wear. You don’t have to worry about it getting out of junior fashion; all the more reason to love it. It’s perfect for summer, winters, when heading out with your friends, work, or even on vacations. Have fun pairing your favorite skater skirts with your junior clothes and rocking them the right way!


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