How to Wear Oversized T Shirts

Our wardrobe is bound to have at least one oversized tee somewhere. They found their way out of our closets as freebies and leave us looking for ways to wear it. We usually toss them in the back of the closet until it’s time to paint or need to wash the pet. However; you will find it quite surprising that oversized tees are good for more than just that. For cheap trendy fashion, here are some creative ways to wear an oversized tee shirt into cheap fashion tops.

Deal with Sleeves

There is a great chance that you would alter the sleeves regardless of what you plan to do with the shirt. It is very simple to trim the oversized sleeves until they suit your personal style. If you want to avoid achieving a scruffy look with the sleeves, add a hem to make them neat and you are done! The ‘unfinished’ and your trendy fashion look is complete.

Make it a belted tunic

The oversized tees that are longer than your body make excellent belted tunics. The shirt must not be too wide from the shoulder. Add a narrow belt to the waist to define the t shirt. Throw in a pair of footless leggings to make the oversized tee stand out into one of the cheap fashion tops.

If the size of the t shirt is too wide from the top, sew them from the top and alter it to your body size.


If you have a toned body with abs to pull off an oversized tee, you can try experimenting the nineties style of a cropped top. Put the shirt on and make a mark. Take it off and cut it straight till the mark where you want the shirt to sit.

If you do not want a worn-out and grungy look leave some room to make a simple hem for a DIY look.

Rolled up sleeves

To make an oversized tee wearable, the easiest way to make it look fashionably attractive is by rolling up the sleeves. You will be amazed how such a small change can bring a drastic alteration in the appearance. The rolled up sleeves will give a tomboy look, giving an edge to your whole look. Sew the sleeves in a rolled position from unrolling it later.

Pair the tee with a blazer

Plain big tees look great with a blazer. The oversized tee will serve as an oversized blank canvas. The blazer will add a feminine touch by giving you great curves. Even the most famous celebrities’ carry this look in daily life so why can’t you?


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