8 Fashion Items to Steal from your Boyfriend

Do you know that you can give your wardrobe an instant boost without spending even a simple penny? The way to do is steal a few items from your boyfriend’s closet and incorporate them in your outfit. Just like other casual clothes for women, it’s all about styling every staple you steal.

Here are 8 items which you should steal from your boyfriend’s closet, and some tips on how to pull them off. So, let’s get started!

  1. His Gold Watch: A men’s gold watch can actually be a great way to start layering those bracelets. This item from his closet is something which you can wear everywhere you want. There is a chance that the strap of the watch would be little too big for you, but you can let it ride on your wrist just like a bangle.
  2. His Tuxedo Jacket: An oversized tuxedo jacket looks extremely sexy on a woman, plus it is defiantly a great versatile piece of clothing. You can wear it with leather leggings, jeans, or just throw it over your shoulder when you are wearing a cocktail dress.
  3. His Jeans: The term ‘boyfriend’ jeans didn’t just come out of nowhere. For years, many stylish women have been wearing oversized men’s jeans. So, go ahead and steal a pair of light-washed jeans from his closet, cuff them at the ankles and accessorize it with a belt and a pair of heels.
  4. His white button-down: There are high chances that you have probably stolen your boyfriend’s button down ‘the morning after’. But, you can certainly wear it outside the house as well. It looks great with cut-offs to ripped jeans and much more.
  5. His Brown Belt: You have a chance to turn that boring brown belt into a statement piece. On casual days wear it with low-slung jeans or you can even throw it around your waist when wearing a dress.
  6. His Sweatshirt: Take your boyfriend’s sweatshirt and pair it with statement necklaces, sequin or lace skirts, and much more. It might be a guy’s shirt, but it certainly looks great with girly items.
  7. His Flannel Shirt: Flannels shirts can be found on various clothing websites, but you can also find them in your boyfriends’ closet. There are so many ways to style a flannel shirt.
  8. His Jean Jacket: Jean jackets are trending at the moment, and an oversized one is great to drape over your shoulder casually for those chilly fall nights. The best way to style it is with a cute flirty dress from the junior clothing online.

Have fun stealing stuff from your boyfriends’ closet and creating new outfits from them!


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