12 Stylish Ways to Wear Plain Shirts

Do you have a plain white t-shirt in your closet? There are so many different ways you can style a plain white t-shirt in your closet. A simple white t-shirt is cool, versatile and it is certainly that piece of clothing which can be worn any day during the year.

Every girl has cute trendy clothes in her closet. So, why not make them work with a white tee? Keep reading and you will get to know 12 different ways to style a plain t-shirt!

  1. Layer it! Layering clothes is super fun, so why not layer a white t-shirt? If you have a sheer white tee in your closet, layer it with a neon colored tank top or a fun bikini top when you are about to hit the beach. You can complete the outfit with a pair of denim shorts and a pair of sandals.
  2. Take a white plain tee which has a round neck. You can throw over a white blazer over it, and pair a blue denim distressed shorts. Tuck the tee inside the shorts and complete the look with fancy looking sandals.
  3. A white baggy t-shirt; tuck it inside a high waisted skirt (make sure that the skirt has a light pattern over it). Take a thin brown belt and put it around the skirt. As for shoes, go for either brown or blue sandals.
  4. This is a bit more fun outfit idea. You probably have lots of casual trendy clothes in your closet, so it’s time to pull out one. Take a floral printed blazer and pull it over the white plain tee. Pair it with blue jeans and a black pair of high heel sandals.
  5. Colored jeans and a white plain tee make the perfect outfit. Match it with your favorite sneaker.
  6. A white t-shirt, floral printed shorts and red high heeled pumps.
  7. White and black looks great together; a black pair of leather shorts, white tee and a black leather blazer for those windy summer days.
  8. A plain white tee and a maxi skirt is also another idea. Style it with some cute sandals to complete the look.
  9. A dark washed pair of skinny jeans, white tee and a white blazer; you have the perfect outfit.
  10. Pair a white tee with a black pencil skirt for a more work kind of attire. Throw on some pumps.
  11. Do you have a really colorful printed skirt? Balance the skirt with a white tee and you have the perfect summer outfit.
  12. Last but not the least; why not pair the plain tee with the many printed leggings you own?

You probably have many trendy cheap clothes to go with your white t-shirts. Have fun creating new outfits for this spring and summer. XO



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