How to Wear Plaid Shirts

Plaid shirts are in all year, whether its fall, summer or spring. Style them the right way, and you can even wear them in winters. Plaid shirts actually originated from the “men’s closet”, but now you’ll see women wearing them more often. They fall in the category of junior fashion tops, and they look amazing in almost every way.

There are various ways to wear plaid shirts, and that’s what is so great about them. While other shirts in the junior clothing line can be worn in one or two ways, plaid shirts can be worn in almost a dozen different ways.

So, let’s have a look at different ways to style plaid shirts.

You can wear a plaid shirt with ankle-length jeans. This way, you will be comfortable and still look a bit girly. TIP: Try them with dark wash ankle jeans or when it’s a bit chilly outside you can throw over a leather jacket. Layering a leather jacket also helps in getting a bit of a bad ass look.

Another way to wear plaid shirts is to wear them with shorts or jeans. The trick here is to stay casual, so what you can do is open one or two buttons from the top. Complete the look with a pair of your favorite sneakers.

There are a number of trendy clothes for juniors, but plaid shirts stand out from the rest. Wear a casual t-shirt and skinnies, and throw a plaid shirt (unbuttoned) over the t-shirt. This is one of the most popular ways to wear plaid shirts. An unbuttoned plaid shirt also looks great over a casual crop top. One can also look up to Selena Gomez for inspiration, and try wearing a plaid shirt around the waist to get that ultra-chic and laid paid look.

To get a more geeky kind of look, button up a plaid shirt all the way and pair it up with sweater vest. Plaid shirts also look great with shorts and skirts. This way, you can achieve a girly, cute and flirty look. Throw on a pair of black sheer leggings with the skirt, and ballet flats; and you would end up with a great outfit that everyone would appreciate.

Plaid shirts are a must have junior clothing top. If you don’t have a plaid shirt in your closet, then you need to go buy some right now!


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