How to Wear High Waist Jeans

High waist jeans have been very popular and trending in 2014, and there is no doubt that they will continue to be loved by many in 2015. They make you look elegant, attractive and they draw attention towards you.

Many are confused about how to style and wear these high waisted jeans since it can be a bit complicated to choose the right piece to pair with them. Once you have found the perfect pair of high waisted jeans, then you can start thinking about how to style them.

Think about heels. Yes, high heels are the perfect combination. They are in fact a necessity because it finishes off the whole ‘high waisted’ look. You can go for booties, peep toes, and many other various types of heels. Make sure you feel comfortable in them, otherwise there is no point. For those girls who can’t wear heels don’t think that you can’t wear high waisted jeans. You can pair the jeans with cute ballet pumps and they’d still look cute.

Another great thing about high waisted jeans is that you have something to pair with those cute casual tops and sweaters. When you pair trendy clothes for women such as cropped tops or sweaters with these trending jeans, you’d only be showing off a little bit of flesh. These trending jeans cinch your body and create a really feminine shape. They also look great with club tops, since both these pieces of clothing outline the shape of your body and make you look sexy and appealing.

So, what type of gorgeous sweaters and cute casual tops you can pair with these jeans? Cashmere jumpers and blouses can be tucked in and belted to make you look elegant and dressy. Tucking in blouses while wearing high waisted jeans can add a bit of formal vibe to your outfit and you can finish off the look with your favorite heels. For those curvy girls, they can pair these jeans with printed silk tops in order to celebrate their curves. Those who have more of a straight figure can wear two pocked shirt instead.

When you go for high waisted jeans; that means you automatically move over to the trendy and a tiny bit formal side. Remember to wear something that suits you. There are numerous trendy clothes for women that can be paired up with high-waisted jeans, as already mentioned above. So go all out and look amazing while wearing those high-waist jeans!


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