10 Fashion Clichés to Break Out of

Here are some fashion clichés you think are true. It’s time to break those fashion habits and start something new. Be open minded! You may be pleasantly surprised! Here are 10 fashion mistakes that you may be doing.

  1. You tend to buy the same size in clothes: Clothes sizes can vary depending upon their type and style. Any fashionista who shops at high fashion stores knows well that sizes for women and teen’s clothes vary from store to store. The key is to pay attention to your body rather than the size of the clothing piece.
  2. You think a tall woman should not wear heels: This fashion cliché is totally absurd; we know a lot of six feet tall models who rock killer heels better than the average size gal.
  3. You think that you can’t wear sequins during the day: The key to looking effortlessly stylish is to pair a casual white shirt or a sweatshirt with sequin pants or a beaded skirt. You can even wear sequined shirts with high-waisted jeans to get a casual, yet classy look.
  4. You believe that sexy means showing off too much skin: If you believe in this, then that’s a big fashion mistake on your part. Trendy clothes for women or teens don’t necessarily have to be revealing.
  5. You think sneakers can only be worn for the gym: Sneakers look great with some casual women and teen dresses or clothes. You can wear a cute semi-formal dress with sneakers to get a more casual vibe.
  6. You think shorts are not for winters: A great way to rock a pair of shorts in winter is to pair them with ankle booties and opaque black tights. But, make sure that they are made from a thick material to stay warm.
  7. You believe that long hair can make you look more attractive: This is absolutely ridiculous because we all know lots of actresses and models who are rocking sexy chops.
  8. You think that sweatshirts fall in the casual category: Pair a sweatshirt with different teen and women clothes such as skinny trousers, statement necklaces and you would end up looking classy and attractive.
  9. You think menswear is just for men: Pick the right kind of shirt, and you can certainly make men-pieces work for you.
  10. You think of a big don’t when you see denim on denim: Pair the right denim washes together and everyone is going to be appreciating your fashion sense.

Trendy clothes for women and teens, when paired in the right way can make you look attractive and sexy. Stay away from the fashion mistakes you have been making and wear those teen clothes which you feel comfortable and attractive in. 

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