What to Wear to an Outdoor Concert

Everyone loves the musical season and that is the place when you can have the time of your life with your friends. Spring, summer and fall are the perfect time for outdoor concerts and this is the time when you get to experiment with junior clothing and accessories.

Outdoor concerts are fun, exciting and can have you jumping up and down for hours. So, you want to be wearing something that is comfortable, but makes you look cute, chic and presentable at the same time. We are always talking about what to wear at prom, graduation, or bachelorette parties, and outdoor concerts are one of these special occasions.

So, now the question is; what to wear at an outdoor concert?

Whether its spring, summer or fall; you should wear flats when heading to an outdoor event. As mentioned before, you’d be jumping up and down along with the music and there is going to be a lot of walking. Therefore, you’d want to be wearing something like sneakers, converse, ballet flats, boots (without heal), or sandals. You can choose the type of footwear you want to wear depending upon the outfit.

Now, how to decide which outfit would be best? There are several obvious options you can go for. Remember the main focus here to stay comfortable so that you can enjoy the evening without any problems. The junior clothing line has a number of options to pick out from, for instance you can go for a pair of shorts, skinny or high waist jeans, or even a pair of leggings. If you decide to go for shorts, then you can wear a cute crop top over it and finish the look with a pair of ballet flats or sneakers. Crop tops also look great with high waist jeans are they are totally in as far as junior clothing is concerned. You can also go for a flowy top so that you can easily move around in it. Plus, make sure that you go for breezy soft cottons from lightweight denim to pretty white Victorian-inspired tops.

Junior dresses look amazing at outdoor concerts since they are light weighed, flowy and comfortable. Since the concert is outdoors, you want to wear a dress that is bright and vibrant looking. You can wear a strapless summer dress, or a noodle strap floral dress. Junior dresses are easy to move around in, plus if it’s a bit cold outside then you can pair them with matching leggings to keep your legs warm. For instance, if you wear a pink floral dress, you can pair it up with black sheer leggings. If the weather is going to be windy or chilly, you better bring a jacket with you when heading to the concert. You can find some amazing pieces in the junior clothing line and pair them accordingly.

Hats and sunglasses are a must at an outdoor concert. You can go for either of these because if you wear both them it’ll look like you try too hard. Another thing you need to carry with you is an accessible bag. You are going to be at the concert for a long time and that means you need something where you can out your go to makeup products, your money, cellphone, snacks and everything else in between.

The junior clothing line gives you various options to choose from when attending an outdoor concert. Make sure you choose the right kind of outfit for yourself and remember to keep it simple!


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