How to Be Fashionable at Work

Being well-dressed for your work is not a luxury as most people might consider. Quite on the contrary, it is an absolute necessity to be properly dressed reason being the fact that your dressing is a part of your personality and it adds up to the motivation and energy that you bring to your work. An enthusiastic employee always makes an effort to look her best. It is always refreshing to see how things get better around you when you make an effort to better than you are.

That being said, dressing for work is tricky given the fact that you are treading a very thin line between chic and being ostentatious. While good style can bring you elegance and class, an outdated or flashy costume can

When it comes to dressing for a day at work, it is necessary to keep the changing fashion trends in your mind. If you are having a meeting or a special presentation, it is better to choose your attire that will reflect professionalism. Professional attire does not necessarily imply that you go for the tailored suit. You can also give a tailored look to your by wearing a tailored jacket or even a well-fitted skirt. For luncheons and dinner meetings it is best to have at least one A line dress which is best suited to your body shape. You may round off this look by finishing it up with high heeled pumps and some metallic jewelry piece however it is vital that you do not go overboard because it will not be professional.

For day to day work in your office, you can choose and create your own style. There are many options available such as pairing up trendy tops with high-waist trousers or skirts. You can choose either ruffled or pencil skirts according to your body type. You can also wear different tones of the same shade to create an ensemble.

A good handbag is a mark of your excellent taste. Carry a handbag with metallic finish to give it a sophisticate appearance. Hair, nail, hands and feet care is absolutely vital because it can make or ruin all the efforts that you put into looking good.

When it comes to make up, it is best to keep make up to minimal for your long days at work. Wear a light lipstick or gloss and eyeliner to set your eyes off. Put on blush to give that fresh and rosy glow to your cheeks. Round off your look with properly styled hair and you are good to go!


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