How to Care for Your Clothes

Everyone loves fashion. The best manner of expressing yourself is through the clothes that you wear. While you might be fond of your favorite skirt or a trendy top, the fact remains that you cannot retain it forever. Then again there comes an inevitable point where you have to put down a particular shirt because it is not wearable anymore.

While you might find some wonderful club dresses at a bargain or come across a trendy junior clothing website that sells teen clothing at very low rates, you can save a lot more if somehow you can make your clothes last longer. You can prolong the life of your clothes if you take a good care of them. The day to day wear takes its toll and the clothes lose their fresh appearance. You can take a number of measures to rectify this situation.

The foremost principle is to change your clothes daily. You must not wear the same piece for a long period of time because it will definitely shorten the life of your dresses. You should always put your clothes on hanger and try to rotate through them all before you return to the first one.

Another common mistake is to put your clothes in an airtight bag which implies that no fresh air will reach them. Contrary to the popular belief, the air tight bags ruin the clothes. It is best to use wooden hangers rather than the wire ones. It is also preferable that you put your shoes out in air once in a while for up to 15 minutes so that they remain fresh. Care should be taken with shoe storage. Always check your shoes for any wear and tear before you put them away.

Another common notion that is not true is that it is better to dry clean your dress rather than washing it. The fact is that dry cleaning ruins the clothes as quite harsh chemical destroy the structure of the clothes. Another good practice that can add years to your clothes is to avoid drying your clothes in a dryer because it stretches your clothes and makes them appear lank and floppy.

Remember that your clothes are prone to the insect harm if they are dirt and unclean. Always keep your clothes tidy so as to ensure that your clothes remain safe from insect harm.


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