How to Make a Virtual Wardrobe

Everything is going digital and people are busier than ever now days. Why not make a virtual wardrobe with your clothing in your closet? It’s not only easy-to-do, but also gives you more options to experiment with your closet. Style your wardrobe anywhere with your mobile device. It's perfect for a on-the-go Fashonista.

This is an ear of advanced technology and every woman is fashion conscious. Its time to integrate technology into fashion and create a digital wardrobe through your smartphone or computer.

Why make virtual wardrobe

Creating an online closet gives many benefits. You can make outfits of everyday use, semi-formal for parties or prom night and formal for weddings and office. You can add as many clothes into it as you like. Creating outfits and sharing with your friends is really simple. There are lots of styling options so get creative! Quickly add to your wardrobe in a hassle-free manner. Whether you want a funky teen style or a graceful outfit for young women, create pieces you've never worn together before. You just have to use little imagination and good taste for fashion. The best thing is that its all absolutely free of cost. You only need to spend your time.

Upload clothes

The first step is to upload your clothes. You can hang your clothes in front of a plain wall/background and snap away. Make sure there is good lighting. Don't forget to include your shoes!

Mix and match

This is the most interesting step for creative minds because here you can choose different clothing pieces that go well together. Don't be afraid to mix different colors and styles together to create a fresh new look. You can match your pretty dresses and cute sweaters or blazers to create perfect layers that are stylish and comfortable. Mixing and matching brings a complete virtual outfit in front of you to know whether its going to be good on you or its just a bland unattractive match. You have the opportunity to choose the best matches possible to create as many cute outfits as you wish.

Share with friends

To get comments and more ideas from your friends you can share outfits from your virtual wardrobe with anyone. This gives added benefit of having better advice from your dear ones who have good fashion sense.


Find the perfect outfit before you get home. Go ahead and give it a try. Be your own fashion designer.


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