Different Ways to Wear a Skirt in the Winter

Maintaining your fashion statement during winter might seem like a bit too much problem especially given the fact that winter clothing calls for covering up and using heavier pieces of clothing. However you can use your fashion sense to wear cute and trendy clothes. Online teen clothing stores allow you to grab a number of pieces at a wonderful bargain which can be incorporated in your wardrobe to give you a trendy and chic look even in winters.

One of the evergreen fashion elements is wearing skirts. The trendy and hot skirt designs not only ensure that all eyes are drawn to you but also keep you on top of your fashion league. However, as opposed to summer clothing, the skirts worn in winter should be warmer and hence the fabric should be heavier, cozy and snug; wool, denim and leather usually fit the picture.

Then again the skirt length doesn’t necessarily have to be more. You can easily wear your knee-length skirts or even your miniskirts. The trick is to use some piece of clothing other than skirt to keep your legs warm.

You can pair up your short skirts with a warm full sleeved top to ensure your torso is not exposed to harsh winter layer. Cover up your legs with leggings or tights. Round off this look by wearing high heeled pumps in the same color as that of your tights to give your legs an extra length. You can also wear this combo by using nylon stockings instead of tights and using knee length shoes to cover your legs. This not only looks stylish but also alluring.

Another gorgeous way to wear a skirt is to pair it up with a cute sweater and a stylish muffler. Wear your ankle boots and a cute stylish hat to give your chic an aura of elegance.

Wear your knee length skirts with short cozy tops. You can also pair them up with your favorite short dress. Use your long coats to keep your body warm. Another way to pull off this look is to wear a short to with a blazer over your skirt. For business wear this combination goes well with heeled pumps while for a night out pair it up with glittery platforms.

Wear your long skirts with short skin tight tops for a party. You can also wear long skirts with sweaters but remember to put on heels instead of flats to ensure that the length of the skirt does not make you appear shorter.

Rock your style this winter. Wear skirts and create your very own style.


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