Best Colors to Wear for Your Skin Tone

If you are wearing the right colors, they will make you look radiant and stand out among the horde. The reason is that the color you wear can make you look pale or glowing. You can use this feature to your advantage by dressing in such a manner that it highlights the plus points of your personality while hides the ones that you are not so sure about.

Neutral or Warm Skin Tone

The people who look good in gold are referred to be the ones with a neutral or warm skin tone. They are fortunate for the fact that their warm skin tones allow them to support almost any color and rock it. If you are a person with warm skin tone then your dominant skin features would be either rosy cheeks or yellow and red skin undertones. Being warm skin toned you will look your best if you wear rich and deep colored short sexy dresses. Your optimal colors are deep or blood red and black. Colors like fuchsia will add a glow to your skin.

Cool Skin Tones

The people with cool skin tones are the ones who look their best in white and silver. If you are a person with cool skin tone then your skin will have pink undertone. The people with cool skin tones are the most easy to dress. If you are a cool skin toned person, then you will always look good in light blue, mauve and rose colors. These colors will not only make you look sophisticated and elegant but will also bring out the best in you. Other than that you will also look good in grey tones. However if you support warm colors like tan and yellow, they will make you look pale and ashen.

Shop for stylish clothing keeping in mind that the color of your dress is chosen wisely according to your skin tone because it has an added advantage of bringing out the best in you and thus you can also go sans makeup. However by complementing the right colored dress with the right sort of makeup and accessories, you can easily be the lady of the eve.


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