What to Wear with Knee Highs and Stockings

Winter and Autumn are tricky seasons when it comes to fashion. True, you need to stay warm however everyone eventually wears off wearing the pants or tights. Then again everyone loves knee high socks but they have always been considered as a part of junior clothing. But again it is a look which is pretty difficult to pull off given the fact that it seems too school girlish kind of thing. However if you cleverly incorporate knee highs and stockings in your ensemble, it might as well do the trick for you. Here are a few ways in which you can support knee highs and stockings without being childish.

You can wear your knee highs with high boots. If paired up with really high high boots, the sneaky peek of the knee highs above your boots looks stylish and naughty. You can make your style statement by choosing stockings in flashy colors or even go for the knee highs that match your high boots to give your legs that extra length.

Though knee highs are typically associated with winter and cold season, it can easily be made a part of your spring/summer ensemble. Pair up your knee highs and stocking with shorts for the spring walks. You can even wear your knee highs with fitted short skirts and flowing trendy tops. Round off this look with ankle boots and you are ready to rock the day.

The knee highs might be categorized as the funky clothing but you can turn it into graceful yet trendy ladies wear. Wear sheer tights underneath your knee highs and it will lend you that aura of sophistication that you are looking for. You can pair it off with smart little ladies dresses and pull off an elegant look.

For a night out, pull on ankle boots with your knee highs and stockings. You may also pair it up with peep toe heels which will elongate your legs. The little bit of skin above the knee highs is a tease and allures everyone.

To dress like a rock star put on your knee highs with spaghetti strapped or off the shoulder black dress. Ankle shoes go really well with this look. You can wear some chunky necklace and make a fashion statement.

The popularity of the knee highs has been on an ever high since The Great Gtasby. It is an evergreen fashion but you need to be comfortable and accustomed to it. It certainly does not look good if one keeps pulling on their stockings. Of properly carried, knee high stockings can do wonders for you.


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