What to Wear to a Funeral

Funeral is one occasion that no one ever looks forward to. Yet since life and death are unreliable realities, one must be prepared to face them. Traditionally black is associated with the funerals yet the changing times give you a little choice in choosing what to wear to a funeral however this choice should be made while keeping your relation with the dead person in mind.

Usually our wardrobe is filled with bright, funky and stylish dresses bought online or grabbed in some bargains. But the funeral being a solemn occasion demands that you leave behind your bright dresses and don something which is conservative so as to reflect the love and respect that you have for your beloved who now is dead.

As mentioned earlier tradition demands that black be treated as the symbol of mourning however the rules are not that rigid anymore. At the very least women clothing which is cheerful and/or revealing must be avoided at all costs. If you do not want to put on black you can always go for muted earth tones or neutral colors but never should you go for cheery colors such as neons.

The outfits that are appropriate for a solemn affair such as a funeral include conservative suits, pants, appropriate dresses that are not too short and skirts. Depending on the season you may pair up your pants or skirts with a proper button down blouse or a sweater. Avoid wearing the low cut blouses and sleeveless or spaghetti strapped tops. The formality of the occasion demands that you should put on some proper flats or low heel pumps. Never wear glittering sandals or even sneakers for that matter as it appears disrespectful.

As a symbol of respect it is better to do without jewelry though you may wear some simple yet elegant piece preferably in the same tone as your dress. At all times ensure that your dress is clean, properly pressed, immaculate and tidy.

Though it seems difficult on the front; dressing for a funeral is not that hard or even expensive. Many cheap clothing sales feature such pieces which can be used as proper items for women funeral clothing. Quite a few stores or bargain sites are also available online that can help you choose what to wear to a funeral.


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