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Dressing is a part of our daily routine. However this does not imply the routine has to be boring. Despite this the fact remains that over time everyone tires of wearing the same pieces of clothes, shoes and accessories that one owns. Remaining up to date with the ever changing fashion scenario is nearly impossible when you are on a tight budget. Then again who does not want to wear fashionable clothes and appear stylish?

Luckily the digital age has found the solution to the ultimate dilemma of every woman …having nothing to wear. The apps on the Apple and Android Store that allow you to purchase new clothes are old news now. The new ones are the apps which let you exchange clothes and other fashion accessories so that you are able to live up to your fashion and style statement without squeezing your bank account.

These fashion apps that sell stylish fashionable clothes at cheap rates or allow their users to exchange their clothes have quickly gained a lot of popularity. Reason being the fact that everyone wants to look stylish but may lack the necessary resources to adapt to the rapidly changing fashion trends. Thus these apps come in handy to help people make their style statement on a budget.

In addition to letting you trade your things and find great deals for grabs, these fashion apps also allow you to interact with other fashion zealots who can not only help you stand out on your night out by trading with you their trendy pieces of clothing but can also give you some valuable fashion advice.

A few of the most popular apps among these include:

  1. Vintage

Vintage is the new e-bay for trading fashion clothes and accessories with the other Vinties. One can find great bargains all the while getting rid of the stuff that has graced your closet like forever. Vintage is user friendly and is one of the most popular cloth trading apps with the only catch being that the app is populated by women and does not feature the guy’s stuff.

  1. Tradesy

Designed like Vintage, the Trendsy offers you to freshen up your closet at much lower rates than the other trending apps. Trendsy charges a mere 9% off your selling. The app is simple and easy to use and has generated a huge user following.

  1. Poshmark

Simply upload the image of the fashion item you want to sell or trade and quote your price. You can connect your closet to your social network and you are ready to roll!!

All of these apps are not only changing how we view the fashion today but are also helping people to follow the changing trends and maintain their style without breaking their bank accounts.


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