How to Dress for Your Shape

We'll tell you how to dress it up and show off your best feature.


In order to look spectacular, it is necessary to play to your strengths. The fact is that everyone has a favorite feature of oneself. From honey colored eyes to shiny black hair, cherry lips to slender waist to high cheekbones…everyone has a feature that makes them feel good about themselves.


When it comes to dressing it is absolutely vital for you to define your body type. Once you have determined your body shape, you can narrow down to your best features and play them up. For those who are wider in hip region than the torso, cargo pants are a big NO and so are layered skirts and printed bottoms; reason being that you need to balance out your wide lower half and the slim torso. This can be achieved by wearing layered or ruffled tops and strapless or off the shoulder dresses with wider hems. If going for mix and match, it is better to opt for a dark trouser or skirt so as to slim your hips and pair it up with a light colored blouse to broaden your shoulders. Round off this look by wearing high heeled pumps or sandals to give more shape to your legs.

The people who possess a wedge shaped body have shapely legs and slim waist. By wearing pretty skirts and bright colored bottoms, you can draw attention to just the right part of your body. You may wear pretty little club dresses so as to show off your lean figure and slender waist but must avoid strapless or spaghetti straps at all cost because it will imbalance your overall appearance. However you can wear little black dresses with full arms.

The only problem that the people with a rectangular body have to endure is the absence of curves and the effort they have to put in to give an illusion of having a few curves. Since most of the people with a rectangular shaped body are slim so they can easily show off their long and slender legs and arms. If you have a rectangular body you can easily pull off colored and patterned bottoms. Try to wear shirts with layers and tops with ruffles.

If you are the goddess with an hourglass body, you don’t need to wonder about your fashion style at all. Your best feature is those CURVES. You should always dress so as to show off your curves in a classy way. You must avoid shapeless dresses and rather go for nicely fitted dresses to accentuate your curves. To show off your trim and slender waist wear a belt or cinched at the waist dress. Wear tights to give shape and add length to your legs.

Most important of all is to feel confident in your skin. You require a good posture to look pretty even if you are impeccably dressed up. In order to feel beautiful you must convince yourself of your own beauty first. If you are self-assured and poised, it will automatically lend you an aura of beauty and elegance.


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