How to Wear Busy Patterns

Here are some fashion tips on how to wear this trendy style.


Have you ever wondered why you are more attracted to a butterfly than to a sparrow? Now just imagine how your choice of solid colors is putting your personality into shadows. It is necessary to branch out and flaunt your body in colors and patterns.

However it is necessary to find the patterns that suit your body shape and type so that the patterns lend you grace and not otherwise. A lot of trendy clothes for teens these days feature busy patterns. For the short heighted people it is better to opt for vertical stripes because they make you appear taller as well as give more confidence to your overall persona. However if you do not favor stripes and want to go for patterns, try to keep them small.

The people with long and lean body types can enjoy the stylish geometric prints and chic bold patterns. In order to create equilibrium in a pear shaped body, you should wear pretty shirts or camis with busy prints while keeping the skirts or pants simple and plain. On the contrary those who have an hourglass body should opt for diagonal patterns which are also dubbed as the slimming pattern.

Then again there are quite a lot of options when it comes to type of prints; from animal to stripes there is a huge variety to choose from. Small polka dots on a dark backdrop are not only trend and chic but also make you look slimmer.

Hounds tooth is another classic pattern which is always in. Go for a completely patterned dress and rock the day. A full patterned dress is dubbed busy because it does not let you concentrate your attention at any one point and hence keeps you engaged. This can effectively give you a slimmer look. You can make it classy and timeless by accessorizing it with shoes and bags in solid colors.

While we all do adore floral prints, there is always a risk of overdoing it so that it might appear like a grandma dress rather than the chic look that you were aiming for. To pull off floral prints flawlessly, try to show a bit of your skin and pair it up with nude sandals.

Animal prints always creep their way into your dress, bags or accessories. It is important to wear the animal prints in a balanced way by matching it with solid colored, preferably black or brown, skirts or pants. If you love stripes try to go for vertical or diagonal ones as the horizontal stripes make you look fuller.

Let patterns be the style of the day. Rock your dress with effortless grace and elegance. Happy Dressing!!


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