What Do I Wear with Leather Pants?

Are you wearing leather pants yet? You should be! Its the new Fall/Winter trend. Let us show you how to style it.


Leather pants have traditionally been associated with the rock stars and punks. However the times are changing. Nowadays, the best fashion houses are coming up with their version of the perfect pair of leather pant. Leather pants are all rage these days. From conservative women clothing to trendy clothes for teens, leather pants have been embraced by all the circles.

However it is important to wear the leather pants in a manner that merges the class and elegance. Here are a few ways to carry the leather pants in a perfect manner according to time and place.

For work outfits, it is necessary to be stylish yet practical. Therefore, the best option is to pair up crop leather pants with classic cut silk blouse. You can wear a blazer or a jacket over it which may be checkered but ensure that you match the tones of your upper with the pants. Round off the whole ensemble with a leather bag and close toed low heeled pumps.

When you are in a party mood and are out for a night, you can pair up your leather pants with a chic fur coat to give you that aura of sophistication and grace. Wear a trendy blouse or short cami underneath. To pull off this glamorous look, wear long heeled sandals with leather trimmings.

The one notion that comes to mind when you hear the word leather pants is black. However, there is a whole range of colored leather pants that comes in colors from royal purple to sweet pink. Find the color that works best for you and nail it with your style and glamour. Another misconception is that leather pants imply they have to be tight. Again you need to find your best fit. If you go for very tight leather pants, they will not only cut off your circulation and make you uncomfortable but will also look tasteless.

So try to bring together an ensemble that will bring out your leather pants. In order to do so you need to ensure that you do not dress yourself in leather from head to toe. Instead try to bring out your leather pants by matching up with a proper cotton or silk blouse.

From conservative to fashion forward, leather pants can help you pull off any look you want; but remember not to overdo it. Be stylish but graceful!



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