What to Wear to a Job Interview


Have you heard the age old adages A Book is judged by its covers and First Impression is the Last Impression? Well believe it or not, they are just right when it comes to dressing up for a job interview. You must dress to make an impression but never overdo it. Here are a few suggestions that might come in handy the next time you walk through a door.

The challenge is to blend in yet stand out. Though you might have complete confidence in your resume yet it is important to be well dressed to bag your dream job. The decision of what to wear depends a lot on the nature and type of job and organization.

The first impression that you want to convey is that you are just the perfect choice for the job that you are being interviewed for. It is immensely important that you dress according to the organizational culture of the company that you are being interviewed for.

It is important to squish out the popular belief that you need to dress wildly if you are applying for a creative job. The truth is that your creativity should be showcased by your personality and not your clothes. It is better to dress up comfortably in jeans. However accessories should be as few as possible. Wear pumps to round off this look.

For corporate jobs, go for classic look- the tailored trousers, short heels, conservative colors, minimum makeup and accessories. If you are being interviewed for a fashion job, try to achieve a stylish look. Remember you don’t need to make a fashion statement in order to work in the fashion industry. Your look should implicate that you are well aware of trends, yet let your own personality shine through.

When being interviewed for the financial circuits, try to appear conservative. Your safe bet is conservative dark suits with pants or skirts. Pair it with classic design cut blouse and clos toed pumps. All of these are easily available through different inexpensive clothing stores online.

For technology jobs, it is important to remember that they have a relaxed code. For that matter, you can wear your jeans. However it is important to convey your interviewers that you are serious as far as the tech aspects of your job are concerned so make your look appear polished in a refined manner by wearing well cut blouse, and pumps.

Follow these tips and grab the day!!!


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