How to Flatter Your Body Shape

As women, it is ok to spend long hours standing in front of your wardrobe while picking what’s the best outfit to be worn tonight. We all like to indulge ourselves in cute trendy dresses that make us look gorgeous! The key to having an incredible wardrobe that makes you drool over every dress you have, is to know your body type and fill your dresser with clothes that not fit, but flatter it. Hiding away any insure areas you have while presenting the beautiful and stunning you.

Apple Shaped Women have broader waist and chest region with small bottoms. If you are an apple shape, it is best to wear cute trendy clothing that bring the focus to your legs and butt. To hide away any tummy bulges and love handles, you can wear flowing tops like tunics, and shirts with empirical waists. The same affect can be achieved with high waisted pants which keep your tummy tucked in. With an apple shape, wearing flared pants and bottoms adds a lot of curve and shape to your body. So dress to show off those curves!

Pear Shaped Women have more weight focused around their butt. With smaller chest proportions, it’s advisable to not wear any wrap tops that further reduce the appearance of your bosom. To make your legs look shapelier, wear slim-fit jeans which have a bit of stretch to create a slimming effect? Cute trendy dresses that have an A line around your waist are a must have for the pear body type.

Straight/Athletic shaped women have rectangular bodies and the idea is to create exaggerate curves with cute trendy clothing. Bootcut jeans are your best friends as they add a lot of curves to your lower half. Frilly and elaborate chested tops that make your chest seem fuller also create shape which you can show off with your toned arms displayed with sleeves outfits.

Hourglass body If you are an hourglass, you don’t have to suppress or exaggerate your curves. Just wear dresses that clamp around the waist and show what a gorgeous body you have.


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