5 Fashion Trends to Look Out for in Winter 2014

Do you feel that chill on your spine? It is the chill of the winter 2014 approaching! You need to be ahead of your game. Get ready for the trends that will put you in the limelight with the messy hair and the loose curls. Here are five basic winter trends.

  1. Scarf it up!

Scarves have become trendier than ever! From chiffon scarves to cotton ones, there are hundreds of scarves available this winter. Instead of going for basic colors and boring themes, go for something that stands out like a neon green scarf with tussles dangling. You can tie up two basic colored scarves and tie an infinity themed scarf around your neck and make your hair pop out! 

  1. Printed is the way to go

Prints are everywhere! When you buy printed dresses for women in summer, you should have thoughts of buying some tights as well. Neon colored printed tights are totally hot this year with long boots and basic sexy tops. 

  1. Beanie that Mr. Bean!

You might want to let those curls and waves dangle because straight hair is going to get messy under a beanie anyway! The beanie trend will continue to flourish this winter too with some amazing colors introduced. Made from wool, these beanies cover your head and make it warm while giving you a fashion statement. This trendy junior clothing is for all girls. 

  1. Embrace the leather

Leather jackets can never go out of fashion for winters. However, the leather jackets that are short and run down only to your upper waist are more fashionable this year. Instead of black, dark brown leather jackets are more hip and happening. 

  1. Embrace the fur

Furs are now back in fashion. They are going to be on your boots and on your bags. Why let the fur go anyway? It is warm and fashionable! 


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