Best Fashion Colors for Fall 2014

Fall is the weather everyone loves. Fall is a balanced weather to try on new colors and embrace new looks. How about you? Do you know the colors that will rock in fall in 2014?

  1. Cool and breezy

With the slight chilly winds in fall, you always have to wear colors that go with the flow of weather. Blues are always going to stay in fashion. Different shades of blue when found in trendy clothes for juniors are going to rock this fall. Dark blue polka dotted jumpsuits, blue denims and blue denim shirts are the trendiest things this fall. Blues are not just for the representation of gloom, they also represent freshness that you feel in fall.

  1. Misty it is

With the slight chill in the air, you are reminded of the fog that follows. Creating the mystical illusion of the natural element, this year mauve mist is found in the hot colors of fall 2014. You can find all kinds of cheap dresses in this color online because they are readily being swopped away from markets. Misty color looks amazing in flair dresses and skirts with jackets.

  1. Misted again!

It seems as if the fashion world wants to symbolize the mysteriousness of women. The misted yellow is in fashion too! This yellow is not bright enough to make your eyes pop, but it sure as hell is sexy enough to make the gazer’s eyes pop! This color looks amazing in any piece of cloth when worn with trendy curls and loose waves. Adding an accessory would never hurt!

  1. Radiant orchid, so pretty!

If you want to stay to your good side and represent yourself as a nice and sweet girl, the radiant orchid is for you. This color suits olive complexions and fair ones too. Paired with the right shoes and a chunky necklace, there is no beating this color this fall!


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