How to Shop Like a Stylist

Are you sick and tired of all the boring clothes in your wardrobe and want to change it completely? You need to start thinking like a stylist before a major fashion disaster evolves within your closet! To think like a stylist, you must first learn and know about your body type. It is very important that you know what type of a physique you have; whether you are skinny, broad or tiny. You also need to know your shape and measurements to make sure what kind of outfit will look good on you. Choosing among many clothes available online, you can always look for affordable clothing websites for women and avoid the expensive ones. This is because the affordable clothes can be thrown away or altered whenever you are in the mood but the expensive ones just lie back in the closet waiting to return to trends!


After knowing your body type and finding out the affordable websites for women, you can make yourself a doodle or cartoon. This will serve as a model or avatar of your personality. If you like a dress or shirt online, you can check out the dress by drawing it on your cartoon and finding out if the fit and shape of the dress is made for body of your type. With all the hot tops out there, something is bound to be included in your wardrobe! If drawing is a no no to you, you can always go a mall where they let you try on clothes again and again without getting frustrated. You need to look at yourself from all angels before buying a dress or even a pair of jeans.


A stylist is always focused on the trends and keeps fashion magazines in her house. These magazines help her decide which trend alert would fit her body type and match her comfort zone. If you have a date to go to or a wedding to attend, you can try different women dresses and check which one suits your body. If you have really broad shoulders, going sleeveless is not the option for you. If you are thin and tiny, you need to bear it all and dazzle in the dress. This is exactly what it means to think and shop like a stylist. Do this and your look will become iconic for many!



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