Five Fashion Pieces Every Woman Should Own 5

Have you ever thought about the five major trend setters that are essential in every woman’s closet? If not, you really need to learn A LOT about ladies fashion. Check out the five things that must be in your closet at all times:

  1. Blue denims

All women need a pair of good old dark blue denims. There is nothing that can replace this piece of fashion. You might own a hundred pair of tights but they are nothing in competition to a good skinny pair of blue denims. This is an item which has always been in the trend and is going to stay forever. So if you don’t have it, you have nothing fashionable at all!

  1. Tank top

All women need to bear their shoulders and wear sleeveless time to time. Whether you are on a road trip, going boating or having a beach date, you need to have tank tops. The most essential and fashionable tank top is the one in white color. You can pair it up with a hat and some cute skirts and you have an everyday-bubbly-girl look.

  1. Leather jacket

A leather jacket is a must for all ladies in the winters. Yes, we want all the leather in the world in our closets! Women must own one piece of fashionable leather jacket whether in brown or black color. If you think it is too expensive at brand stores, find out cheap clothing stores online and buy yourself a trendy leather jacket right now.

  1. Scarves

Whether it is spring, summer or winter; you need to have your very trendy and colorful scarves. The scarves nowadays come in a lot of colors and patterns. These scarves can work with anything. From a flowy skirt to tight fitted denim and a tank top, a printed colorful scarf can make you look like a total fashionista. You need to buy some basic colored scarves with prints such as scarves in blue, black, pink, red and shades of grey.

  1. Colorful pumps

Pumps have gotten much fame and style since the past two years. You need to own some pairs of pumps to rock any look. You can wear them with shorts, cute skirts, jeans, dresses and many other fashion items. These are absolutely essential for your fashion needs!



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