Latest Celebrity Styles

We all want to get that celebrity look without having to go to a stylist and spend a fortune on the same. Here are some of the celebrities, whose style made their way to the households and made people copy their style. You can find several fashion dresses for women which are inspired by them.


Emmy Rossum’s Warm Sweater

While flying out of LA, Emmy was found wearing a trendy yet warm sweater which grabbed the attention of the paparazzi and soon became a fashion trend. She teamed it up well with an ankle length pants and loafers which totally complimented the look.


Kim Kardashian’s Red Dress

Red is one color which is always in vogue, and when someone like Kim wears a red colored dress, it becomes something to talk about. She was seen wearing a red lace stretchable night club dress recently, which fitted well on her perfect body. The golden heels she wore with it totally complemented the look. People usually go for black with red, but her decision to go with golden with red totally made her stand out.


Rosie Huntington Whitely in a Cape

Cape with a blend of Wool and Cashmere, along with grey high heel boots, this is what Model Rosie Huntington was seen wearing a few weeks back. The color combination was also beautifully chosen by her, because the grey heeled boots and black maroon and blue cape totally went with it. Along with it, she wore plain blue denim which made sure her outfit is not too colorful.


Megan Fox

Being one of the most stylish actors, anything Megan Fox wears becomes a fashion statement. She was recently seen wearing a pink kimono along with a very casual dark grey colored tee. She teamed it up with dark grey pants and black shoes which totally went with the kimono. The consistency of the color combination in the tee and the pants make sure that the color of the kimono. The black hat she wore made her look even better, as the color of the hat matched the color of her shoes. This is totally the look which one would want to copy.


Victoria Beckham

Plain sky blue pants and a pain white trendy shirt, Victoria Beckham, the very famous athlete was seen wearing this simple, yet classy combination of clothes recently, which totally made her stand out in the public. With hair left open, she looked even more stylish.




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