What are your favorite celebrities wearing right now?

What is the new trend? What are your favorite celebrities wearing? Are the females still flaunting their perfect physiques in hot dresses or have they toned down the heat and started wearing some pretty shirts? Find out here and you are going to love dressing up like your favorite celebrities.

If we mention some hot dresses, how can we not talk about Megan Fox? This girl knows how to flaunt her dusky perfection and rock the red carpet. Megan fox turned up the heat at a particular red carpet when she decided to wear a see-through dress that had a short dress underneath. The long veil covering the short dress revealed one of her legs and made her look extremely hot. She added a mid-waist belt to make the look more fashionable and she rocked it.

Because the weather heats up in most of the regions of the world, Taylor Swift evolves her style and puts on something you can classify in club dresses. She was seen wearing a white short dress made from one piece which had a little flair. The dress matched her bubbly yet fashionable personality and her sleeveless attire just stole the show. She paired her pure white dress with a black pair of wayfarers and looked adorable and hot at the same time.

Want something super juicy? Emma stone makes herself the next hot actress who can look stunning in a Valentino dress. She wore one of the most hot dresses and looked beautiful on the red carpet of a particular event. This dress was black in color and the neck line was very low. The dress gone to be sleeveless only made it hotter. She proved how she could look equally stunning to all the models that walk the ramp.

If you want to look like your favorite celebrities, you need to get some club dresses as well as some pretty shirts. You can flaunt either one of the bubbly or hot attire and flaunt your favorite celebrity’s fashion statement. Pull out clothes from your closet and pair them up now! Leave out those waves in your hair because they are new trend with such dresses.


Image courtesy of Glamour Magazine




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