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An effortlessly chic way to conceal that double decker chocolate cake you ate over the weekend is donning flowy cute tops. This wardrobe staple is one of those shirts you can put on and instantly feel fabulous. The great thing about these flowy blouses is that they're easy to wear and style in any season.


In the warmer months, choose tops that are more lightweight materials and shorter sleeves. Style with shorts or leggings and wedge sandals for a laid back yet well but together look. You can even style your flowy tops by getting club tops that would be great to wear to a party.



If you're transitioning between warm and cool weather you can wear these sexy tops by creating a more layered look. Underneath your top, wear a camisole or a tank top that's a neutral or complementary color. Then style your flowy top with accessories like cardigans, scarfs, and hats.


In the cooler months, choose fabrics that are denser and will keep you warmer such a cotton. Also, select styles with longer sleeves for the added warmth. Skinny jeans would be perfect for the cooler weather as well due to the denim. Finish the look with a trench coat and some knee high boots!


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