How To Dress For Your Shape


Fashion is all about dressing your body. The clothes which flatter you best really will depend on your body shape. Here are a few tips help determine your body shape as well as how you can dress for it.


Pear Shape

Usually those who are pear shaped have a defined waist, full hips and thighs, and shoulders that are narrower than the hips. Wear more fitted women's dresses and skirts that accentuate your waistline.


Wedge Body Shape

The wedge body shape is typically defined as having a larger top half than bottom. Keep your necklines uncluttered and where prints on the bottom half.


Rectangle Body Shape

Typically defined by a small waist, hips, and shoulder area, those with rectangle shapes generally wear the same size for top and bottom. Steer clear of boxy clothing and focus instead on creating the illusion of a waist with gentle curves.


Apple Body Shape

Those with apple shaped bodies usually have toned legs but may be a little round everywhere else. The great news is you can show off those legs. Don't forget to balance out your shoulder area.


Hourglass Body Shape

A classic female shape, the hourglass body shape means you have a small waist with full bust and hips. This is the most flexible shape in trendy fashion so go nuts with trying different styles of clothing.


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