Clean Out Your Closet For Fall & Winter

After all the summer vacations and holidays, it's time to give your wardrobe a much needed overhaul to prepare for the colder months.


First, take inventory of what you have. Carefully go through what you own and take mental checklist of everything you have. Then start sorting your cute clothes into sections based on what you want to keep, what needs to be tossed or donated, and what needs to be stored for next year.


It's hard to let go, but some things just have to go. Don't keep damaged summer clothing that is faded, torn, or has holes in it. The hot sun, sand, chlorine, and salt water can reek havoc on what you own. If it mysteriously shrunk in the wash, throw it out! Don't worry, this just means more shopping for ladies fashion next year!


Store away your summer items. Don't put them back in your closet just to take up space. Pack everything in an airtight bin and store on the top of your closet. Make sure to label the bin so you remember what's in it.


See what you need for Fall and Winter. Are you dangerously low on tights or scarves? Now's the time to check. I smell a serious shopping trip coming up!


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