How To Layer Clothing For Fall

A perfectly layered look can compliment different body types very easily. Perfect for transitioning from summer to fall, adding layers to your look for a chic and well put together outfit.


Start with a basic and plain top. There are many hot tops that you can choose on clothing websites for women. Underneath the top, you can also add a long, ribbed tank top that peaks out at the bottom for extra layers. Next, add a light jacket or sweater. This is a good way to play with colors and patterns. For example if you have a jacket that has multiple colors within the pattern, you can pull single colors from there and use in the undershirt, camisole, or sweater.


You can also layer with sexy dresses. Try to stay with a fitted dress as this will prevent the layers from look bulky. If it's colder outside, match the dress with a coordinating long sleeved top that you can wear under or over. Next try adding a cardigan or sweater that has a deep “v” so that you can see all the layers working together. Play with the texture by adding a velvet style legging or tights underneath the dress. A very popular color for his season is wine tones like burgundy or oxblood. Throw on a scarf and you're ready to go!


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