Top Trendy Back To School Styles

Many clothing websites for teens are starting to feature some pretty interesting and trendy back to school styles. From chic junior dresses to sophisticated cardigans, teen clothing is on the rise for becoming totally contemporary and fashionable. Here are some back to school styles that can't be missed.


Graphic Prints

Loud and proud, graphic prints are an easy way to make a bold statement with your back to school fashion options. Want to stand out on your first day of class? Try a bold print varsity style jacket with your favorite skinnies and oxford shoes.



Burgundy, oxblood, wine colored – whatever you choose to call it, it's definitely on trend for this season. Seen in dresses, jackets, tights, and scarves, this chic color is almost treated like a neutral of it's own. Wear this neutral color in a plain tee with cheetah print leggings for a modern style.


Bird Prints

This fun trend is carrying over from the fall styles, birds! You can find a bird pattern on scarves, cardigans, dresses, and even tights! Cute and unique, this is definitely a way to show off your style in a way that's different from your classmates. For an ultra feminine look, pair a bird patterned blouse with a high-low skirt and a satchel bag.

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