Summer Patterns

Ladies, it's time to lighten up your closet and update your wardrobe with some beautifully trendy colors and patterns for summer. While many of this season's trends only fit certain body types, here are some stylish and contemporary cute tops and dresses that will flatter any body shape, including yours!


Fun Florals That Flatter

Blooming in many wardrobes this summer, fun floral patterns are an simply chic and feminine pattern that can look great on any body type. It all depends on the style of cute top you wear it in; but, generally speaking, this flowery design makes a fashionable summer time top or dress.


Bold Geometric Shapes With Color

Take this twist on the classic stripe and make it your own. A bold print, v-striped maxi dress adds va-va-voom to any summer outfit! The best part: It's perfect for any body shape. Throw on a denim jacket and your favorite wedge sandals for a super chic and stylish ensemble. 


Animal Print Reinvented

We all know cute tops are a must. Out with the traditional animal prints of leopard or cheetah and in with this reinvented print: birds! Delicate and sweet, a pattern made out of swallows or crows give you an unique edge while exuding a sense of charm.



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